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[edit] Video

Filmed: August 19 & August 20 2000

Director: Evan Bernard
Location: San Diego
Art Director: Clam Lynch
Animation Director: Wayne England
Compositing: Mark Breakspear / Colorado Visual Effects
Production Company: X-Ray
Producer: Keely Gould
Director of Photography: Ramsey Nickell
Animation: Wayne England / Spatial Harmonics
Production Designer: Clam Lynch
On-Line Editor: Lewis McKael
Special Effects: George Fitz

  • Two blocks were closed on a Saturday and Sunday to film.
  • The idea was born when director, Evan Bernard, pitched some ideas to the band and they chose this idea.
  • There was no choreographer for the girl dancers, instead one of the girls led the group and they rehearsed on Saturday and by Sunday it was complete, learned and filmed.
  • Evan wanted Billie to wear a black sweater for the shoot in case there was a clash with what he was wearing and the float the band were on, however Billie refused to do this.
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