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Green Day (band)

[edit] Information

Billie Joe Armstrong met Mike Pritchard in a school cafeteria in 1982. The two used to sleep over at each others houses playing heavy metal songs and dreaming of starting a band. This dream became true in 1987, when Billie and Mike formed a duo which eventually lead to a band with the older John Kiffmeyer (also known as Al Sobrante) in 1989. Billie sung and played guitar, Mike played bass and did backing vocals while John took care of the drums and the band was named 'Sweet Children'.

Shortly before their firs release, the band changed their name to 'Green Day' after finding out that there was a band with a similair name of 'Sweet Baby'. Their first EP titled '1000 Hours' was just about to be released in 1989 by Lookout! Records when the band changed their name and signer Lawrence Livermore mentioned he went "ballistic" when he heard they were changing their name, worrying that nobody would know who they were. This was proven wrong when the EP was well-received by the punk scene. In 1990, the band released their debut album titled '39/Smooth' also via Lookout! Records. Shortly after this release, John Kiffmeyer left the band to attend college and the group recruited friend Tré Cool to be the band's full-time drummer.

The trio released their second album titled 'Kerplunk!' in January 1992. This album caused such an underground, major record labels started to show interest. In 1993, Green Day decided to sign to Reprise Records. They had already began work on what would become their third album entitled 'Dookie' released in 1994. Also released around the time of 'Dookie' was Green Day's first single - 'Longview'. The single helped 'Dookie' to shift copies and word was starting to spread on the band. The second single to be released was 'Basket Case', this was a huge hit for the band and helped to shift even more copies of 'Dookie'. However, one thing helped to make Green Day one of the most talked about bands in 1994 and that was the Woodstock Festival. Billie started a mudfight with the crowd that resulted in security stepping in and the set being cut short. The beginning of 1995 saw Green Day still living on their high as their fourth single 'When I Come Around' was released and the band received their first Grammy award. The band then took a break to begin work on their fourth album, they did however keep their prescence known by releasing 'J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)' an outtake from the 'Dookie' recording sessions and including it on the movie soundtrack for Angus.

Green Day released their fourth album in the fall of 1995 titled 'Insomniac'. Compared to 'Dookie', 'Insomniac' was a huge flop. The band released three international singles from the album but none failed to match the success of the 'Dookie' singles. Nevertheless, Green Day still continued to promote the album touring, up until 1996. In 1996, they quickly cancelled their European tour claiming exhaustion.

Following from this break, Green Day bit back into people's lives in 1997 with fifth album titled 'nimrod.'. The band, again, released three international singles from the album, with the first two going down as Green Day classics. Once again people were interested in Green Day. Their second single from 'nimrod.' titled 'Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)' was everywhere. TV shows, funerals, sporting events. Green Day were once again on everyone's lips. With their new found success, Green Day took the opportunity to also improve their live show. Once touring for the album ended, Green Day went back to the silence after 'Insomniac' to begin work on their sixth album. They took a break from writing in 1999 to do their first ever acoustic show for Bridge School Benefit.

They came back for their most critiscised album in 2000 titled - 'Warning:'. The band had been working with new producer, Scott Litt, but later fired him and decided to work on the album themselves. While 'Minority' the first single from the album became the fastest ever US charting song for Green Day, the following singles ('Warning' and 'Waiting') weren't much of a success.

In 2004, determined to come back better than ever before, Green Day released their much anticipated album - 'American Idiot'. This time they released five international singles from the album, each one of them enjoying a huge amount of success. They became the biggest band in the world in 2005 and Green Day were once again on everyone's lips. While 'Dookie' was more successfull in terms of sales, 'American Idiot' gave the band the chance to do things they had never done before, for example number one singles, multiple awards, the chance to pack out Milton Keynes Bowl two nights in a row.

Green Day are currently working on their eighth studio album and coming up with ideas on how they can top the last twenty years.

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